Author: VE1CK

Basic Amateur Course in Fredericton

From Dave VE9CB: From Monday 28 January through Monday 22 April 2019, the Fredericton Amateur Radio Club (FARC) will run a course to help you earn your Amateur Radio licence. Classes will run most Monday and Thursday evenings from 7pm…

ARRL 2019 Kids Day

The 5th of January it’s again Kids Day. This event is especially created to promote Amateur Radio to youth. This is a moment where you can share your amateur radio hobby with your family, grandkids, friends, scouts or even to the general public.…

Exercise Handshake

Just a reminder of Exercise Handshake happening 12/25/2018 at 7pm AT For more information about handshake please visit **NOTE** For net controllers note that you can also download blank ICS forms and submit filled ones. All information and instructions are…


Regardless of the holiday you observe this time of year, I would like to wish all the best to you and yours. Be happy, be safe, and look after one another out there!

Cory, VE1CK

Welcoming Three new hams in the Fredericton area

From VE9CB:   I’m pleased to report that the Autumn 2018 Fredericton ARC Basic Course helped three new Radio Amateurs earn their certificates: – Eckhard VE9HE – Malcolm VE9MO – Pierre-OIivier VE9PO all passed their exams on Monday evening and…

VE9DMD – Dallas MacDonald

With regret, I wish to inform you of the passing of Dallas/VE9DMD His obituary can be viewed at

Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society

From Fred VE9UN: During the year 2011 the Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society (RSARS) celebrated their 50th Anniversary, with special calls working members, and non-members, around the world. All who took part had a great time. In the year 2020…

VE1HFC – Harold Frederick Crawley

With regret, I wish to inform you of the passing of Harold/VE1HFC His obituary can be viewed at

North Atlantic Radio Project

NARP Contest team is looking for a CW operator for an upcoming contest in 2019 which we will travel out of the country to take part with a special call sign. Prerequisites Must be able to do 30 WPM CW…