Maritime Women’s Amateur Radio Net

The first Maritime Women’s Amateur Radio Net which took place on Sunday, August 16th at 3pm local time was a great success.
Thirteen women checked in and shared a little bit about themselves and 23 men checked in giving us their support and encouragement.
To spearhead this endeavor, seven Maritime women radio operators collaborated to form a core group in order to begin planning for this Net.
On the day, Janet VE1JNT did all the linking of the MAVCOM repeaters and maintained the technical side of the Net. She used VE1LUN Lunenburg as the main repeater and from there she linked VE1AEH Kentville, VE1WN Greenwood, VE1HR New Glasgow, VE1WRC Amherst and VE1VL Bridgewater.
Therese VY2TAM was the Net Control station and fielded all the many welcome callers. The Net lasted for approximately one hour.
The core group of seven women operators were extremely pleased with the resulting large number of check-ins. Our future Nets will take place on the third Sunday of each month at 3pm local time.
The Maritime Women’s Net welcomes all women with access to VHF equipment to join them and check in to our next Net on September 20th at 3pm.

“So ladies, take a break, grab a cuppa, have a seat and check-in!”


Therese Mair

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