Maritime Fusion Net Recap & Recording

Greetings all,
Here is a recap of the Maritime Fusion Net held on Wednesday Apr. 1st, 2020
We had a new record tonight with 39 check-ins including 20 Nova Scotia, 14 New Brunswick, 2 PEI
and 3 outside the area.
There were 11 repeaters connected for the net including VE1AMH Amherst, VE9MFR Moncton,
VE1CDN Halifax, VE1CFY Greenwood, VE9GFY Grand Falls, VE9TMR Edmundston, VE9BAT
Bathurst, VE1HPR Hammonds Plains, VE1BFB Southampton, VE1YAR Yarmouth and VE1CRA
Charlottetown. We also had VE3BNI repeater connected from Ontario.
Here are this week’s check-ins.
Jim VE1JBL (NCO), Oscar VE9OSK, Eric VE1JW, Kevin VE1KEV, Brian VE1IQ, Paul VE9PAL,
Neil VE1YZ, Pat VE9PJP, Mike VE9MTV, Bert VE9PIN, Robert VE1RMJ, Francis VE9FCP, Gino
VE9GM, Brad VE1ZX, Mike VE1ZB, Mike VE1MY, Gordon VE9GC, Scott VE1CHL, Bill VA1BIL,
Gilles VE9NW, Parvin VE9PKV, Bob VE9BOF, Dave VE1HUL, Don VA1VC, Reynald VE9RON,
Doug VE1DFG, Sylvian VE9MWO, Hal VE1LV, Stirling VY2SEC, Cam VE9CAM, Don VE1DES,
Brian VE1ILD, Rob VE1CSE, Claude VE1CB, Jason VE1PYE, Ron VE1AIC, Roger VE2KAH, Bob
VA3QV and Steve VE3EZ.
Yvon Hachey VE1VON from Dieppe NB will be the NCO next Wednesday Apr. 8Th, beginning at 7pm
NEW: Thanks to Robert Mannette VE1RMJ this net is now recorded each week and can be found by
following the link.


This link will also have recordings of Exercise Handshake. As you listen to both nets you will be able to hear the difference between the analog net and the digital net.

Anyone interested in becoming a Net Controller, added to the mass email list for Fusion information and reminders of the net  or other questions use the contact form on the Maritime Fusion webpage or contact me directly.


Everyone stay safe, follow instructions and get “On the Air”



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