Welcoming (Or not Welcoming) New Hams

I went to FD this weekend and didn’t know anyone there and they didn’t accept me so I started helping and made new friends!
Whaddya know!?

Maybe when you go to a new ham club and you think that people are snobs, maybe it isn’t them. Maybe they just need a little time to get to know you and find out that you are a great person.

I have seen this many times when someone comes to a club and think that they are being mistreated or not accepted. Get over yourself and get into the spirit of the club and make a friend or two.

Don’t worry about the one, two, or few that seem to run the show, just enjoy the people who want to advance the service and who share your interests.

Help others if you can and when you ask an older ham a question, make sure that is isn’t something that you (obviously) should already know. There are myriad places on the internet to find the answers to just about anything.

Be sure to always show respect to people who you ask for help and remember that it is you who is asking. Only a fool starts on a journey and mocks and criticizes the one who has successfully been on the same journey for a long time.

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