CQ Maritimes

Greetings all,

The new fusion repeater in Amherst VE1AMH  145.190- is up and running and quite active. We have called the room
“CQ Maritimes” with hope to have local conversations among maritime amateurs.  With all the fusion radios that have been purchased in the past year or two there are many out there looking to get their feet wet. If looking for a place to test your new radio, ask questions about Fusion and just talk to local Maritimers using Fusion you are invited to use this repeater. It is there to share with everyone. With summer now here I am outside as much as possible but constantly monitor the room when in the shack.

CTCSS tone frequency 100.0 Hz.
Wires X Node # 50207
Wires X Room # 60207

Any problems with connecting let me know. This is new to us too.

Everyone have a great and safe summer.

Jim Langille VE1JBL



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  1. Bill Sproul
    September 10, 2019 at 9:54 am

    The idea for a CQ Maritimes room is great. I look forward to using the room once the weather cools down and I have time for radio. Other amateurs here in the valley have expressed interest as well. Canada room doesn’t fit the bill, either do the local VHF nets

    Bill Sproul

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