VE1AMH Fusion update

Greetings all,

A work party headed by Lorne Anderson VE1BXK will be heading to the repeater site in Leicester tomorrow morning (Sat. June 1st) to install Wires-X to the new WestCumb ARC Fusion repeater VE1AMH 145.190-

CTCSS tone frequency 100.0 Hz.
Wires X Node # 50207
Wires X Room # 60207

Because of its central location it has been a busy repeater since the startup last week with many reports coming in across the Maritimes of the large footprint it has. Thank You to everyone who has sent in these reports.

When I started up the Maritime Amateur website back in 2008 my goal was to have a place for Maritime hams to gather for News & Information.

Saying that, once the rooms are set up on this repeater we hope you will join us and maybe we can make this a “Maritime Canada Room” for local hams to gather to again share news & information. How about a “Maritime Fusion Net“?

Any questions, suggestions or comments on the new repeater please let me know.


Jim Langille VE1JBL

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