Welcoming Three new hams in the Fredericton area

From VE9CB:


I’m pleased to report that the Autumn 2018 Fredericton ARC Basic Course helped three new Radio Amateurs earn their certificates: – Eckhard VE9HE – Malcolm VE9MO – Pierre-OIivier VE9PO all passed their exams on Monday evening and may soon be on the air. Art VE9BP and Jerry VE9CD conducted the exams. There were two other members of the class who withdrew part-way through the course because of pressures of work. The training team may be offering another Basic course in Winter 2019 and an Advanced course in Spring 2019. If you are interested in either of these courses, or know someone who is, please contact me direct at ve9cb@rac.ca . 73, Dave VE9CB FARC Training Coordinator


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