Silent Keys up to October 2018

Silent Keys 2018
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 Date of Death
 Cambridge Narrows NB
  Oct.28th, 2018
 Five Island Lake NS
  Oct.23rd, 2018
 Head Jeddore NS
 Oct.18th, 2018
 Taymouth NB
 Oct.08th, 2018
 ex VE1AES
 Fredericton NB
 Sep.10th, 2018
 Carbonear NL
 Sep. 6th, 2018
 Liverpool NS
 Sep. 4th, 2018
 Riley Brook NB
 Aug. 5th, 2018
 Lincoln NB
 Jul.25th, 2018
 Kingston NS
 Jul.18th, 2018
 Stellarton NS
 Jul. 5th, 2018
 Riverview NB
 Apr.26th, 2018
 Bible Hill NS
 Apr.12th, 2018
 McKinnon’s Harbour NS
 Apr.12th, 2018
 Tracadie NB
 Apr.11, 2018
 Chelton PE
 Apr. 5th, 2018
 Saint John NB
  Apr.4th, 2018
 East Kingston NS
 Mar.17th, 2018
 Labrador City NL
 Mar.15th, 2018
 Dartmouth NS
 Mar. 2nd, 2018
 Weymouth North NS
  Mar.2nd, 2018
 Digby NS
  Feb.26th, 2018
 Statford PE
 Feb.18th, 2018
 Charlottetown PE
 Feb.15th, 2018
 Elmsdale NS
 Feb. 7th, 2018
 Truro Heights NS
 Feb. 3rd, 2018
 Avon Ct. / Murray Harbour North PE
 Feb. 1st, 2018
 Moncton NB
 Jan.30th, 2018
  Riley Brook NB
Jan.28th, 2018
 Pictou NS
 Jan.26th, 2018
  Penobsquis NB
  Jan.25th, 2018
 Lower Sackville NS
 Jan.24th, 2018

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  1. Roger Belliveau
    January 18, 2019 at 9:15 am

    I want to take a moment to congratulate you Corey on the excellent job you’re doing on here . When a fellow takes over as you did and wants to do things a bit different , it’s always a challenge , but I love the way you changed things . The old way Jim was doing it was great also but someone else always has his own spin and new ideas . Love it Cory.. Keep up the good work and will do my best to support you and your site … Best 73 buddy .. Roger/VE1RV

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